Solar Energy Consulting vs. DIY: Which Path Is Right for You?

December 18, 2023

By: Chris Gersch


A spirit of independence runs strong in many homeowners who love doing things themselves. Whether crafting furniture or installing a new light fixture, successfully completing a project can be invigorating.

So, when it comes to complex upgrades like solar energy work, should you channel your inner electrician or seek sage advice from a solar energy consulting firm? Keep reading to learn more.

Doing Everything Yourself

Do you simply love the idea of tackling a major home improvement project without help? When it comes to solar energy, you need to fully possess the facts if you’re going to successfully face unexpected obstacles.

The Pros

· Full control: Opting for an independent solar installation gives you power over every aspect of the project. You decide the pace, the schedule, and the approach.

· Cost savings: Home solar kits are typically cheaper than professional installations. You may also save on the labor.

· Knowledge acquisition: Embarking on a solar energy project is a fantastic learning experience. Taking the time to do your own research means you’ll gain insights into the world of renewable energy, which is always helpful.

The Cons

· Complexity: Let it sink in that setting up a solar system isn’t assembling IKEA furniture. You’re dealing with high-voltage electrical equipment, permits, and safety regulations.

· Time constraints: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Juggling this installation with a day job and other commitments can be challenging.

· Safety issues: Working with electricity is inherently risky. You risk potential injury or damage to your home without proper training or gear. A shoddy installation might offer a shocking surprise.

· Less security: Most store-bought kits do not offer the same warranty as expertly outfitted systems. It’s a costly disadvantage when something goes awry down the line.

Why Not Consider Partnering With Photovoltaic Consulting Services Instead?

Some property improvement jobs require more than elbow grease and a can-do spirit. A seasoned DIY enthusiast knows when to roll up their sleeves and when to call in the cavalry.

The Pros

· Unique insight: A solar energy consulting firm is a wellspring of knowledge and skills. They’ll navigate the labyrinth of codes, permits, and technical aspects to save you from pitfalls.

· Fewer risks: Why moonlight as a daredevil electrician? Professionals know how to work around intricate components and mechanisms safely and efficiently. 

· Convenience: With a proficient crew doing the heavy lifting, you’ll have free time to invest in other aspects of your life. Save the hours you would have spent studying instructions and doing laborious work!

· Financial aid: Your transition to green energy doesn’t have to drain your wallet. An established solar power consultancy can assist you with financing and optimizing solar tax credits. 

· Stay connected: If your state offers the option, professional consultants can help you connect your setup to the power grid. This lets you sell excess energy back to your utility company and provides a reliable backup for cloudy days.

· Easier upkeep: Where do you go when your store-bought sun energy solutions start playing up? With an expert-installed system, you have instant help at your disposal to troubleshoot any hiccups.

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The Cons

· Pricier: Hiring professionals to do the job usually has a higher initial investment than a DIY approach. However, the long-term benefits and security often outweigh the price tag.

· Less hands-on involvement: If you relish diving headfirst into every project, you might feel excluded. However, a reliable renewable energy advisory will keep you in the loop, respect your input, and ask for your go-ahead before making decisions.

· Potential delays: While sustainable solar consulting firms are well-organized and efficient, you still become reliant on their schedule. This might mean waiting for an available slot for your installation, but remember, great service is worth it. 

Experience the Difference of Expert Solar System Guidance

Residents of Illinois, Wisconsin, Florida, and Michigan have already made RxSun a long-term solar partner. With us, expect the following:

· Personalized approach: Your home is unique, just as your new solar energy system should be. RxSun tailors each installation to your specific needs, property layout, and energy consumption habits for outstanding performance and reliability.

· Top-notch parts: RxSun only works with the crème de la crème of technology providers, ensuring your solar-powered abode reaps the maximum benefits of sunlight conversion.

· Superior customer support: From initial consultation to aftercare services, our solar energy team’s commitment to your satisfaction exceeds expectations, come rain or shine.

Dial 800-607-9786 for RxSun’s solar energy consulting that eclipses the competition—your perfect renewable energy experience awaits!

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Chris Gersch

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