Why People Choose RxSun

Jacob Fansler Avatar
Jacob Fansler
Amazing company! Great sales, great project management, great installers! This is a great company that sells great equipment and takes pride on their workmanship! Top notch! Would recommend to anyone! They take their time and do the job right. They work with you to get exactly what you want! Thanks RxSun and everyone at your company!!!
Adam Spurlock Avatar
Adam Spurlock
Very pleasant and responsive staff from sales to backend support. Panel install was quick and efficient. Would recommend.
Adam Czachor Avatar
Adam Czachor
After an extensive two-year search for the right solar panel provider, I decided to go with RxSun for my solar needs. This review aims to share my comprehensive experience, from initial contact through installation, with potential customers considering their service. Communication with Sales Representative: My interaction with George, the sales representative, was somewhat inconsistent. At times, I felt perhaps I was being a nuisance, though this may have just been my perception. Despite this, George was prompt in responding to my inquiries and thoroughly explained what the process of purchasing and installing solar panels would entail. This level of detail was appreciated and helped set expectations. Contract and Permitting Process: The contract signing and initial steps, including permit applications, were handled efficiently. RxSun required a deposit, after which there was a concerning period of silence from their end. This lack of communication, especially after a significant payment, was unsettling. Installation Issues: The installation phase was where we encountered several issues. The scheduled installation date passed without activity or update, necessitating a reminder from my side. Two weeks latter, on the day of installation, an electrician accidentally cut my Xfinity cable, resulting in a loss of internet service. Additionally, some oversight during work in the attic led to visible nails in the ceiling of my dining room and a crack in the bathroom. The team installing the panels was laid back, but their carelessness led to a scratch on one of the panels. It seems I'll have to accept this imperfection. System Performance and Final Thoughts: Despite the hiccups along the way, the solar panel system was successfully installed and is functioning as expected. Reflecting on the entire process and the outcome, I believe I would choose RxSun again for future solar installations. Now that I have a clear understanding of the process and what to expect, their service has ultimately earned my trust. For those considering RxSun, my experience suggests that while the journey may not be without its frustrations, the destination—a fully operational solar system—can indeed be reached satisfactorily.
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Andrew Smith Avatar
Andrew Smith
Awesome company. Fair price great panel. Don’t go with door to door predatory salesmen. Noah, Hanna and RxSun made the entire process painless and had the house ready to operate on solar. Just got my first bill with credits applied, and even in Feb Mar my system generated enough energy that I only paid the $16 connection fee for the grid. Highly recommend.
Daniel Kaberon Avatar
Daniel Kaberon
Noah and Rx were willing to step in with expert and timely advice to revive a project that was an abandoned by my original solar contractor. Everything they shared was solid help and I heartily recommend them for projects in the future.
Arkadiusz Błoński Avatar
Arkadiusz Błoński
I got my solar system installed by RxSUN few weeks ago. I am well educated customer, price sensitive and did lot of study before signing with RxSUN. Overall i would recommend them despite some hick-ups in the process THE GOOD: 1) price which they provided after some negotiation was quite reasonable. They were not the cheapest but I was willing to pay little extra for them being local and having quite good reviews 2) The installation process (done by Fresh Coast Solar) was fast, smooth and professional. My system was up and running in less than 8 weeks and installation was very clean/nice. Next to high quality panels/inverters (which i asked for) they also used high quality racking/roof mounts and run conduit through attic. NOT SO GOOD 1) They asked me to pay extra for system grounding. After some discussions they didn't charge for it 2) There were some miscommunication/mismanagement in the SREC process which means less money for me and more waiting time for me. Chris stepped in and we settled for some reasonable compensation for this issue. So while there were some challenges in the process RxSun navigated through this difficulties with customer focus mindeset. System is installed nicely and is up and running - that's why i would recommend RxSun
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D. M. SHAH Avatar
I have had my solar system installed for about 3 months now, and I would certainly recommend RxSun based on my experience with them. After researching solar and getting quotes from several vendors, I chose RxSun because of their competitive pricing, product & warranty offerings, and the decisive factor, my interaction with Noah. He is knowledgeable, very responsive, clear and upfront. The rest of the RxSun team were equally great! All throughout the project, Hanna and the installation team kept me informed of the status, next steps, and promptly responded to every question and concern I had. The project was completed according to the overall schedule, even with some poor weather conditions along the way. I am happy I selected RxSun.
Dan Rogowski Avatar
Dan Rogowski
Highly recommend RxSun! Excellent communication through out the process, and everyone at RxSun was very helpful with providing prompt responses to any and all questions.about the project. If thinking about going solar definitely contact RxSun for competitive pricing and professional service.
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Christopher Hassett Avatar
Christopher Hassett
My wife and I did a lot of research into solar when we finally decided to take the plunge. In the end we chose RxSun due to the quality of their products, they were local, and were very responsive to all our questions along the way. They weren’t the cheapest, but they were completely priced. The team at RxSun was very communicative throughout the entire installation process with the only slowdown due to ComEd. Once installed, we had a slight connection issue, which addressed promptly. We’ve been live now for 6 months and couldn’t be happier.
James K Avatar
James K
Great experience with solar panels. I've had them installed for 9 months now with everything working great. The entire process was smooth with up front pricing and a clear understanding of the timeline. We only had 1 minor issue with 1 panel not connecting due to a bad microinverter but that was fixed right away. Overall a great experience and i would recommend them to anyone looking to get solar.
Juan Fuentes Avatar
Juan Fuentes
My SunRx solar installation was very smooth! They mapped out the whole thing beforehand, explaining everything clearly. Even when the electrical needed an update, the found the most efficient way to solve the issues. They also handled the paperwork for the SREC rebates and documentation needed for filing for the tax credits. If I ever want more panels, SunRx is the first place I'll call. They're pros who make things easy, plain and simple, thank you.
Randy Orr Avatar
Randy Orr
Very good communication throughout the whole process. A few minor issues that came up were dealt with quickly and professionally. Their bid was detailed and competitive. The system has been installed a few months now and everything is working perfectly, no leaks, and power generation is right on target. Its a delight to get a bill from ComEd where they pay us. If we had another roof we'd definitely use them again! I highly recommend the whole team at RX Sun.
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Andy Schmits Avatar
Andy Schmits
Rxsun was easy to work with throughout my solar panel installation project. Overall, communication was timely and all questions were answered with great response time. They showed up for scheduled onsite meetings and met the expected deadlines as expected. Great company to work with.
Eric Shannon Avatar
Eric Shannon
Highly recommend RxSun! They were easy to work with every step of the way! Choosing an installer and understanding the net cost after rebates can be a difficult thing to navigate, but they took the time to educate us and answer all our questions. The entire team (Noah, Adam, Nickey, Trevor, Hanna) were all super friendly and made the process smooth. We were adding solar to a home remodel and I was worried that installing solar during the project would be a headache, but they handled everything from the design, permits, inspection etc and it ended up being the easiest part of the remodel. 5/5 stars! Thank you!
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James Ng Avatar
James Ng
I have been wanting to get solar panels for a really long time but it seemed like such a hassle that I put it off. RxSun took all my excuses away. I appreciated how there weren't any high pressure sales tactics. I got a really clear explanation of how many panels I'd need to offset my current usage patterns, and I felt well informed about what I was getting myself into. The process was super simple since RxSun took care of all the inspections, applications, permits, etc. and all I had to do was digitally sign documents. What really made it a no brainer was the interest free financing for 18 months, so I could offset the payments until after I've received the tax credits and SREC check. 100% would recommend.
Chuck Avatar
I have contracted with a highly regarded Wisconsin solar company to install four different systems on homes I built for habitat for Humanity. My initial contact with RxSun was over the phone and my impression was they could provide high quality services. I received my quote from them and noted that their proposed system was complete and priced competitively. We contracted with RxSun via the internet and phone calls. I was out of town when the installation was done. All work was extremely professional and was installed exactly as I discussed, via phone, with the installer. My experience allows me to highly recommend RxSun for all Solar installations.
Michael Taitel Avatar
Michael Taitel
We had a great experience working with RxSun. Chose them because they offered the latest technology at a competitive price, and it was easy to communicate/work with them. The whole project went very smoothly. I enjoyed watching the installation team do their work. The site engineer shared a wealth of knowledge. All the wiring conduits are hidden so the panels look great on the house almost as if they had always been there. Definitely recommend RxSun.
Thomas Reusch Avatar
Thomas Reusch
Noah was always available in answering my questions, provided a clear timeline on the project and the rest of the team ensured the project was completed on time. Everyone I interacted with was professional and honest about the process from quote, installing and going live with Solar.
Hody Nemes Avatar
Hody Nemes
We have been very pleased with RxSun’s solar installation. They were easy to work with and quite professional! Their price was competitive and it was great to work with a friendly local small business as opposed to a more impersonal conglomerate. They were quite communicative throughout the solar install process and worked swiftly to get the system installed and then approved for operation. Our sales rep Noah was very helpful in tailoring the solar system to our needs. System works very well and we see noticeable savings even in winter!
jason s Avatar
jason s
Great team to work with from beginning to end. Very professional and thorough in every aspect. Will definitely recommend RxSun to anyone who is interested in going solar!
pmfdavis Avatar
Overall my solar installation experience with RxSun was very good. From contract signing to go live was about 4 months. This was right in the range of what was expected from the beginning. Only a couple weather delays impacted the installation itself. I do feel that they could have done a little better job communicating through the process, but that was not a big problem. Every time I sent an email with a question I did receive a quick reply. If you are considering solar, now is a great time to pull the trigger with all the rebates available and RxSun is a great company to help you to get to energy independence.
Craig Booth Avatar
Craig Booth
RxSun installed my solar system a year ago, and the process was clear and easy every step of the way. After waiting for permits, everything happened quickly and efficiently. It was just two days from the team arriving to having a fully functioning solar system (followed by a bit more waiting for permits). My experience with RxSun was 10/10 across the board. The system delivers as designed, and my electricity supply now costs virtually nothing.
Reuben Keller Avatar
Reuben Keller
We started our search for a solar panel installer for our roof in early 2023. We did this through Energy Sage. RxSun was the best quote (out of three) that we got, and they were also in touch so that I could ask questions. We chose them. After we signed the papers the process moved quickly. They inspected our roof, got the permit, and had the system installed within about 4 weeks. Since then it has been working very well. We had one part that malfunctioned but was quickly replaced. Overall very happy with RxSun. They have been easy to work and communicate with, and they installed a great system.
John Hawley Avatar
John Hawley
Had my system for just over a year and it’s performing exactly as advertised. $14 Comed bills every month of the year! Great company to work with through the whole process.
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Jeff Siver Avatar
Jeff Siver
RxSun installed solar on my roof earlier this year. It was a great experience. They kept me informed, they cleaned up, installation was painless for me, and they made sure everything worked as it was supposed to. And they continue to follow up with me around the state rebates. Not that I have to but I would definitely use them again.
Clint Sievers Avatar
Clint Sievers
RxSun provided customer service and speed. From the initial sales conversation to installation and beyond, they explained every step, kept me up to date on what happens next, and even got the panels installed ahead of schedule. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Geoff Waldmiller Avatar
Geoff Waldmiller
I had RX Sun / Fresh Coast Solar install a 30 panel system at my house. It was a very clean install, and they managed the process with proactive communication was contract to install in about 75 days. There was a small hiccup on the approval process as the inspector wanted one small change, but they had someone out within a few days to fix this. 6 weeks of fall sun after getting my permission to operate, and my system has produced 1.6MWH!
David Yang Avatar
David Yang
Great experience with a reputable company. I took several bids and their pricing was very competitive. Install date was pushed further than discussed with the salesperson, but overall the process was smooth and relatively painless. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family.
bob kaplan Avatar
bob kaplan
RxSun's step by step summary of the process lead me to choosing RxSun for my solar project. They did not disappoint. My house has an attic and basement. This enabled RxSun to run the conduit through the attic and garage to the basement, instead of having the conduit visible on the roof. I am very pleased with the aesthetics of the RxSun solution!
Susan Clabby Avatar
Susan Clabby
Rx Sun installed our system over a year ago and we couldn't be happier. The crew was on time, efficient, communicative and respectful of the property. Smooth Sailing!