Solar System Financing

Financing the cost of a solar system is often the primary concern of homeowners interested in going solar.

RxSun understands the importance of guiding homeowners through this step in the process, and your solar consultant helps make the process fast and easy. They will review the financing options to help you determine the one that works best for you, and connect you with the financial program you choose to apply for.

Financing Options

There are three ways to finance your solar system:



  • Pay total cost up front
  • No payments
  • You own system.


  • Lender financed
  • Loan payments
  • You own system
Lease 2


  • Lease contract
  • Lease payments
  • Lessor owns system

Financing Features

Finance Total Cost

Total Cost

Low Fixed Rates

Low Fixed

Instant Credit Review

Instant Credit

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No Prepayment

Flexible Payment Options

Zero Down

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment

Financing Details

Your solar consultant will talk with you to gather the necessary information and will present your custom proposal containing an accurate solar panel installation quote within 2 business days.

As a courtesy to our customers, we are also able to provide an approximate estimate for going solar via same day phone consultation. However, because these are not able to be fully researched, they are for information and planning purposes only.

Detailed solar system quotes include factors such as:

  • Appropriate system size for your home
  • Standard equipment selection
  • Applicable incentive programs

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