Solar Panel Consultation

Our solar experts will guide you through every step of the consultation process to ensure planning your home’s solar panel installation is straightforward and worry free.

Solar Home Assessment

Pre Qualification

Pre Qualification

RxSun will talk you through the basic requirements to determine if your home qualifies as a good solar candidate.
This includes important factors like roof age and average annual power usage. This can be done over the phone

Once your home is qualified,
we schedule your free, no obligation
virtual consultation.

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Design Proposal

Design Proposal

Prior to the home assessment, you provide your consultant with a short list of information relevant to your home, including a current electric bill. This allows the team to create your solar system design proposal. They will present the design recommendation at your virtual consultation.

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Solar Consultation

Solar Consultation

At your virtual consultation, your solar consultant will review:

  • Design recommendations
  • Design options
  • Equipment options
  • Financing Options

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Solar System

During your home assessment, your solar consultant will go over the design recommendation.

All RxSun solar systems are designed with black panels on a black backing with hidden wiring for a clean, attractive appearance. But there are a variety of design and panel styles if you desire a different look. Your consultant will review the design options and assist you with the final selection.

The RxSun team will use the design decisions made at your virtual consultation to create your customized proposal.

Once your design and credit are approved, you can sign the contract in person with your solar consultant, or via our secure digital signature system.

Solar System Financing

There are three ways to finance your home solar system.





Lease 2


Your solar consultant will discuss how each option works and help you make the best decision for your home. If you choose to apply for a loan or lease program, your consultant will then connect you with the appropriate finance company.

Your consultant will also review state and federal incentive programs, and explain how you can use those funds to lower the cost of your solar panel installation. For loans and leases, you complete a pre-approval and credit check prior to signing your solar system installation contract.

Want To Learn More About Going Solar?

Financing Options

Review the differences in benefits and savings between financing options.

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Savings Potential

See answers to the questions homeowners ask when considering residential solar panels.

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Solar Resources

Review information from solar industry organizations on terminology, regulations and incentives.

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What is a solar consultation?

A solar consultation assesses your specific circumstances, such as energy consumption, possible incentives, and your property’s solar potential. It allows you to make an informed choice about whether going solar is a good investment.

A solar consultation benefits you in many ways. It provides:

  • customized solar solutions,
  • financial savings analysis,
  • cost-effectiveness evaluation,
  • incentive guidance,
  • technical expertise,
  • environmental impact awareness
  • long-term investment insights

Visit our website or call us to initiate the free consultation process. You may also book a free, virtual consultation using this link
Please provide us with your contact information, including your name, phone number,email address, and home address. Let us know your preferred date and time for the consultation. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. We will also need your most recent utility bill to review your kWh usage history for the last 12 months.

A solar consultation with our experts can comprehensively assess your property and energy needs. They will evaluate these factors and provide you with tailored recommendations on the feasibility and benefits of solar for your specific situation.

Solar panels can raise a home’s value. Numerous studies have shown that properties with solar panel installations sell more quickly and for a higher price than those without. Solar panels are a desirable feature that can increase a property’s value since prospective purchasers are drawn to solar energy’s cost savings and environmental advantages. The actual value gain, however, may differ based on the region, the state of the market, the size of the system, and the property’s overall energy efficiency.

Going solar in 2023 may be a beneficial move for a variety of reasons. Solar installations are becoming more accessible as the cost of solar panels falls, thanks to financial incentives and tax credits. You can save money on power costs while lowering your environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future if you generate renewable energy. Solar panels can raise a home’s value while protecting it from growing energy expenses. Consult with a solar professional to examine your energy demands, available incentives, and the solar potential of your land to determine if it’s suitable for you.

Yes, solar panels are generally easy to maintain. With regular cleaning and basic inspections, solar panels can continue to generate clean energy efficiently for many years with minimal maintenance requirements.

We only sell premium solar panels from a variety of brands and wattages. The exact brands and specification sheets can be discussed during your virtual consultation. You can also email for more information.