Crisis-Proofing Your Home with Solar Battery Systems: A Game Changer for Home Solar Owners

November 30, 2023

By: Chris Gersch

Are you one of the countless homeowners considering switching to solar energy? Installing solar panels is a superb choice if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and utility costs simultaneously. However, to make your solar system even more efficient in its noble work, you should consider a solar battery installation.

What’s so great about solar battery systems taking all the excess energy your panels generate and storing it for later use? Learn more below about solar panel batteries and their many benefits.

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The Solar Advantage

In recent years, there’s been a huge focus on sustainability and leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. From paper straws to electric vehicles, it seems everyone is making the necessary changes to reduce their carbon footprint. For many homeowners, installing solar panels is part of that initiative.

A solar battery is part of the appeal and a great asset for weather emergencies and power outages. Solar power that you can access when you want to presents a wide variety of benefits, including the following:

Solar Battery Benefits Include Zero Environmental Impact

The main benefit of renewable energy is its impact on the environment. Traditional electricity burns fossil fuels to supply your home with energy. Solar panels power your home from the sun to reduce your property’s impact on the earth and promote sustainable resources. 

Everyone wins if you can store that sustainable energy to use it as needed.

Lower Utility Costs Are a Big Drawcard for Solar Home Energy

What’s your electricity bill like using traditional power sources? Switching to solar panels makes a world of difference, using a natural energy source that comes without a price tag. 

Solar power could reduce or eliminate your normal utility costs, but only if you can keep that power stored.

Batteries: Storing Energy for a Rainy Day

Whether you’re new to solar power or you’ve had panels for years, understanding solar battery benefits is essential. Solar panels are a significant home improvement. Adding batteries to the mix completes the transformation.

Throughout the day, your solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into energy that keeps your home running. When the sun isn’t out, your solar panels are essentially useless – unless there’s a battery installed.

Your solar panels create a lot of energy during periods of intense sunlight, more than most homes require. Solar battery systems allow you to store this excess energy away for rainy days and overnight.

Integrating Solar and Battery Storage Solutions

You may not realize that integrating battery storage solutions into your solar setup is easy with the right team of professionals. Solar experts install various types of batteries, including two main options for residential properties:

#1 Lithium-Ion

Lithium-ion batteries are a smaller, lighter alternative that offers high energy density. They allow homeowners to access more stored energy before requiring a recharge.

However, one downside to lithium-ion batteries is thermal runaway. Without proper installation from a solar professional, these batteries can catch fire at rapid speed.

#2 Lead-Acid

Lead-acid batteries have low energy density but are more cost-effective than lithium-ion. They offer reliable energy storage, and thanks to modern advancements, their longevity is commendable.

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Crisis Scenarios: Solar and Batteries in Action

Solar batteries for home setups are reliable during emergencies. If you lose your power during a bad storm, your battery system kicks in, using stored energy to keep the appliances in your home running. This reliability means you’ll always have those vital pieces like HVAC systems.

Financial Benefits of Crisis-Proofing Your Home

Using solar battery systems for your home energy comes with major financial benefits. With traditional electricity, power outages damage the electronics within your home. Having stored energy to rely on protects your appliances and keeps your house up and running.

Planning Your Solar and Battery Setup

When installing solar panel batteries, look to renewable energy experts like RxSun. These solar professionals guide you through every step, including choosing the right type of battery and properly installing it. A flawless installation reduces the risk of fires and sets the foundation for the most efficient solar battery storage.

Beyond the Crisis: Everyday Benefits

Solar panel batteries have several benefits for homeowners beyond emergency scenarios, such as:

· Lower utility costs

· More efficient solar panel setup

· Reduced environmental impact

· Completely independent energy

With the installation of solar power batteries, you can eliminate traditional electricity from your home entirely since batteries power your home overnight and on overcast days.

How Can You Get Solar Batteries for Home Efficiency Improvements?

Are you interested in solar batteries in the Chicago area? RxSun is a leading provider of solar battery systems to improve your home or business’s sustainability and energy efficiency.

Schedule a consultation with one of our RxSun team members by calling 800-607-9786 today!

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