Expert Solar Consultation Services in Hinsdale, IL

By: Chris Gersch

RxSun is a solar panel consultation company in Hinsdale, IL serving the solar installation needs of homeowners throughout this western suburb of Chicago. Since we first opened doors, our solar team has helped hundreds of homeowners achieve energy independence through solar systems.

Switching to solar panels is a smart investment. Not only does solar energy lower your monthly electricity bill each month, but it can help keep the air clean in Illinois. Homeowners also qualify for some incentives for going solar, making it easier to switch to clean solar energy. RxSun can take care of your solar needs with its turnkey solar energy solutions, so you have an easy time making the switch to green, renewable energy. Get in touch to schedule your free, no-obligation in-home consultation with a RxSun solar expert or to discuss your upcoming solar energy project.

Our Solar Installation Services in Hinsdale, IL

As a reputable solar installer specializing in home solar panel installation services, we take pride in helping homeowners as you invest in clean and sustainable solar energy. Going solar is a life-long investment that will ultimately pay for itself while adding to your home’s value. RxSun is a reliable solar installation company with experienced and qualified solar installers in Hinsdale, IL. Unlike some solar companies, we use superior solar panels and microinverters from top brands, so you can be sure the quality of solar panel installations is the highest. Each solar panel installation we perform comes with a 10-year labor warranty and a 25-year production guarantee. After installing solar panels, we’ll do a full energy audit of your home to ensure you reap the maximum possible savings from your Hinsdale solar panels.

Our Solar Installation Process in Hinsdale, IL

When it comes to solar energy, every home is unique. Our certified solar experts will guide you at each step to ensure your solar panel installation goes on smoothly. Here’s how we install residential solar panels in Hinsdale, IL.

  • Permitting: RxSun first obtains all local government permits necessary to install solar panels on your some along with an HOA permit if required.
  • Installation: We dispatch one of our competent solar panel installation partners to your home, most of whom are NABCEP certified solar energy contractors with expert installers.
  • Interconnection: Your expert solar installation team will liaise with your utility company to complete the interconnection of the new solar system to the grid.
  • Inspection: Next, our solar professionals will schedule an electrical inspection of your solar system and make any adjustments necessary for approval before you can turn it on.
  • Program Application: Once your solar panel installation in Hinsdale, IL is complete, RxSun will take care of any application paperwork for net metering as well as SREC innovative programs so you can save with solar energy. We will forward the payment for the credit value your system is assessed for within four business days.

Benefits of Solar Installation for Hinsdale Homeowners

Wondering why you should have solar panels installed? Investing in a home solar energy system is a smart move with many benefits. With solar tax credits and easier financing options, you can lower your carbon footprint in Hinsdale, IL, and increase your home’s value. Solar-powered homes sell for more than 4.1% on average. When the time comes to list your home in the real estate market, you stand a better chance of finding a serious buyer. You will also enjoy energy saving for decades with your photovoltaic panels. Best of all, you will also recoup the solar panels cost within some years.

A residential solar power system from RxSun brings clean energy to your home and makes you less dependent on your utility company. Modern solar panels can last for 25 years, meaning you can lock in your Hinsdale, IL, home energy costs for the next two decades. You will no longer worry about rising utility costs as you have your constant supply of clean energy.

The more electricity your renewable energy system generates, the less fossil-fuel-derived power your home requires. When you install solar in your home, you invest in a cleaner environment and a healthy community and reverse the effects of climate change.

Want to upgrade to solar energy systems? RxSun can help install solar panels on your property

In Hinsdale, people enjoy the impeccable natural beauty and 190 days of sunshine every year. The right solar panel companies can help you take control of your home and energy needs with flawless solar installation. Whether you’re looking to cut your utility bills or reduce your environmental footprint, solar panel installers from RxSun have got your back. Our solar energy system will reduce your dependence on your local utility company and give you greater control over power use. For a free consultation with our solar energy consultant in Hinsdale, call today at 800-607-9786.

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