Fast, Affordable Solar Consultation in Schaumburg, IL

By: Chris Gersch

We Install Solar Panels to Power Your Schaumburg Home or Commercial Premise

Schaumburg is one of the best places to live in Chicago, Illinois. The Woodfield Mall features numerous shops and restaurants is for those who enjoy shopping and eating out. You have Legoland Discovery Center for the kids, complete with rides and a cinema. And, if you love nature, there is, of course, The Ned Brown Preserve, where you can Busse Lake.

On top of all that, the suburb enjoys some sun for most days of the year, which is why you should install solar panels.

There is a lot to love about solar energy; it comes with several benefits over traditional electric power and helps you play a role in conserving the planet. If you want to preserve the beautiful environment you call home, RxSun can help you switch to renewable energy. We are the most trusted solar panel installers in Chicago, with more years in the industry than most other companies.

We Make Switching to Solar Power Fast, Cheap and Easy

Apart from being one of the most affordable services in the game, why else should you trust our solar panel installation in Schaumburg, IL?

Professionally-Done Installation from Start to Finish

Trust that we will do a professional job installing your solar power system. We will take care of the entire process, from designing your panels and seeking the proper legal permits to connecting you to the grid and making sure your system is working. Our installation process is fast and transparent.

NABCEP Certified Installers

With RxSun, you can be sure of trained and certified professionals. All our solar panel installers are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Our company is also affiliated with the Solar Energy Industries Association and Illinois Solar Energy Association.

High-Quality, Warranty Protected Solar System

Rest assured that you will need nothing short of the best quality, both in products and workmanship. We put money where our mouth is by giving our customers a 10-year labor warranty and 20–25-year product warranties.

Dependable and Responsive Customer Support

You can always depend on our customer support desk to answer your inquiries or concerns. No matter how busy we are, we respond to inquiries within one business day and give you a comprehensive quote in just two business days.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panel Systems on Your Residential or Commercial Property in Schaumburg, IL

When you hire RxSun for solar system installation services on your house or business in Schaumburg, IL, you will enjoy benefits that you never knew about before. For example:

Savings on Household Electricity Expenses

There is no denying that your home or business’s electricity bills set you back thousands of dollars every year. So, if you are looking for a way to save money, have solar panels installed. It is remarkably cheaper and allows you to use power freely without the fear of going overboard with the bills.

Increased Home/ Business Value

Residential or commercial properties with solar installations tend to have a higher value than other properties in the neighborhood, even if they are identical. Hire RxSun for professional solar energy system installation services if you want to enhance your property’s worth.

Energy Independence

There is no way of knowing the joy that comes with energy independence if the national electricity grid has been your power source all your life. Give yourself a taste of energy independence by installing your solar energy unit in your home or business, and you will wish you had considered it earlier. Ready to get started? Contact RxSun today.

Cushion from the Ever-Increasing Energy Costs

Today’s energy costs are not what they were before; they have gone significantly higher. And as we head into the future, they are bound to go even higher, so it is only natural to think about renewable energy sources. Installing solar panels on your properties is one excellent way of keeping yourself cushioned from the rising power prices since it is a one-off investment that keeps on giving.

Solar Installation Services for Schaumburg, IL Residents

RxSun is a full-service clean energy solutions company. Besides the excellent solar energy installation services we are known for, we offer an array of complementary services, so you never have to go anywhere else. These are:

  • Financing: RxSun offers you three financing options to acquire a solar panel system within your financial terms.
  • Referral program: As a way of saying thank you for using our services, we have referral programs. You pocket cash rewards every time someone hires us to handle their solar project, courtesy of your good word.

Looking for Solar Energy Solutions in Schaumburg, IL? Call RxSun Today!

Solar energy is a cleaner, cheaper, and more dependable power source. If you want to tap into it but do not know where to start, RxSun is here to help. Our experts will get you started on your path to energy independence by installing a high-quality solar system on your property.

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