Solar Panel Consultation Services in North Shore, IL

By: Chris Gersch

Installing solar power is the best option for saving money and improving energy efficiency in your home. When it comes to electric bills, solar energy is less expensive.

RxSun is a solar company in North Shore, IL that offers the best solar panel installation services. We will assist you in comprehending the significance of using a solar panel. For instance, it provides renewable energy.

Our Solar Panel Installation Services in North Shore, IL

RxSun has some of the best residential solar panel installation services in North Shore, IL. Our services include:

Ground-mounted Solar Energy System

If you don’t have any south-facing roofs, don’t want your solar panels to be visible, or want to avoid roof penetration, you can go with a ground-mounted solar energy system.

Installation Of The Solar Panels On The Roof

We install solar rooftop panels on a variety of roof types, including metal, sheet, and flat roofs. Our solar installers employ the necessary skills to ensure that the solar panel is properly installed and functional.

Pre-construction Consultation

There are some issues that we need to discuss with your contractor. This happens when you want to install your solar panels before building the house.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process In North Shore, IL


Our experienced solar professionals will guide you through every step during the consultation process. We will consult on different issues which are:

  • Home Assessment
  • Design decisions
  • Financing

Our team will help you select designs and solar panel styles after recommendations. We will even advise you on how many panels you will install based on our assessment findings.

Financing Options

We will guide you through various ways you’re going to finance your solar system installation. There are three different financing options which include:

  • Own: You pay using your available money or cash or use the solar equipment that you own.
  • Loan: We can you guide on taking available credit or loan facilities to finance your solar installations.
  • Lease: You can also enter into lease agreements to use solar equipment for the period that you will agree with the lessor.          

Solar System Installation

The final step is the actual installation. Our team will look at different aspects to ensure your solar installation is done without any hitches. The steps in your solar panel installation include:

  • Permitting: We ensure you have the right permits for your solar installation including municipal and HOA permits.
  • Solar panel installation: We professionally install your panels by carefully following our plan.
  • Interconnection: We work together with your utility company to connect your newly installed solar system to the grid.
  • Inspection: We inspect the solar installation connections including making any necessary adjustments with your city.
  • Program Applications: We help you enroll in different programs including net metering with your utility company and the SREC incentive program which earns you credits through your renewable energy contribution to the power grid.  

The Advantages of Installing Commercial and Residential Solar Panels

Installing solar panels for home and business owners has some benefits, which include:

Lower Electricity Bills

The solar power system uses sunlight and this will help you lower your energy bills when you’re not consuming electricity from the utility company.

Support Solar Development in Northshore, IL

Solar energy, unlike other energy sources such as coal, does not emit any chemicals. This has the advantage of not polluting the environment. It is also a simple way for Illinois to support clean energy generation.

Energy Independence

You will have an energy source once you have installed your solar panels. You have more control over your energy because you are not reliant on outside sources.

Earn Through Net Metering Credits

Through a process known as net metering, you can contribute excess energy to a power grid and earn renewable energy credits based on how much energy you have added. It’s an excellent way to recoup the money you’ll spend on installation.

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Our mission at RxSun is to install residential and commercial solar panels in the North Shore communities and surrounding areas.

Our solar installer will include you in the entire process of installing your solar system. We have experience working on numerous solar projects, and we will install your solar system without any problems or drawbacks. Our company also provides financing options for your solar project.

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