Professional Solar Consultation in Mundelein, IL

By: Chris Gersch

Solar Panel Installation in Mundelein, IL

Most homeowners and business owners are still relying on the electric companies to supply their buildings with the power they need to lead their lives and conduct business. Unfortunately, this power also comes with an often-hefty electricity bill. If you are a homeowner or business owner tired of ever-increasing electricity bills, our solar panel installation team at RxSun may have the solution.

Installing solar panels is an eco-friendly process and is the ideal renewable energy system for your building. With solar panels installed in your home or business, you will be able to harness the consistent power of the sun’s energy and use it to power your structure. At RxSun, our solar energy contractors are here to help you see the benefits of solar panel installations and can discuss local solar incentives with you as well.

What Are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are large, photovoltaic panels usually installed on the roofs of houses and other buildings. They can harness the sun’s energy when the sunlight strikes the panel’s cells. Electrons flow as the rays hit the panel and create an electrical current. That current is then sent to an inverter to convert DC to AC power energy. This can then power your home and reduce your energy consumption.

Professional solar panel companies should only install solar panels because the process can be complex and requires proper equipment and training. With any excess energy generated by the solar panels, it is stored so that you can earn a tax credit. In certain areas, you may be eligible for a credit from the government and a reduction in your bills.

Why Install Solar Panels on Your Mundelein, IL, Building?

Installing solar panels on your house or business has a variety of great benefits that you will be able to enjoy. These include:

  • Reduction in your monthly electricity bill.
  • Control over ever-rising utility rates.
  • Increase in the value of your home.
  • Reduction in your home’s environmental impact.
  • Solar renewable energy credits.
  • Solar investment tax credits.

Our solar panel installation team at RxSun is happy to discuss these advantages with homeowners and business owners in the Mundelein, IL, area. Solar installers have the knowledge, skills, and training to get your solar system installed and working for you efficiently.

Benefits of Professional Installation of Solar Energy Systems

Solar panel installation is generally not a DIY opportunity for a business or home project. To begin with, solar panels themselves are quite heavy and expensive. Solar panel companies have the equipment and manpower to install the solar panel properly and safely. You would not want to risk your investment improperly installing solar panels on your roof.

Another benefit of professional solar panel installation is the ability of the solar energy contractors to provide homeowners and business owners with all of the details about government rebates, the getting you the independence you need from the utility company, and the professional examination of your roof to determine its suitability for having solar panels installed.

Finally, you will have peace of mind knowing that the solar panels are installed according to governmental codes and requirements. You will get guarantees and warranties that a DIY home project will not afford.

At RxSun, solar panel installers in Mundelein, IL can also provide you with financing options to afford solar panel installations and start using solar energy systems as soon as possible. Our solar panel installation team is dedicated to assisting residential and commercial property owners in taking control of their energy bills by harnessing solar energy.

Contact Our Mundelein, IL, Commercial and Residential Solar Panel Installation Company

If you are a homeowner or business owner considering solar panel installation for your house or building, contact RxSun in Mundelein, IL. Our solar installers have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to install solar panels and help you make the right decision for your structure.

At RxSun in Mundelein, IL, our solar panel installers are happy to discuss the advantages of solar energy with you and the installation process, the lack of upfront costs, and solar savings over time. Solar installation should be done by certified NABCEP professionals in Mundelein, IL because it is a complex process requiring expertise.

For more about the solar panel installation process or your ability to harness solar power, contact RxSun to learn more. Call now to learn more about solar panels and solar energy systems! We are happy to offer you free estimates and no-obligation in-house consultation.

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