Solar Panel Consultation in Homer Glen, IL

By: Chris Gersch

Going solar in Homer Glen, IL is probably one of the smartest decisions you can make. RxSun solar installation can help you every step of the way to maximize solar savings and make your energy independent. We have provided solar solutions to hundreds of homes, saving them potentially over $1 million on their combined annual utility bills while improving their property resale value. Our solar consultants are available for home assessments and work around your schedule.

RxSun understands that financing solar installations is a major concern for many families. We offer three flexible financing options; lease, own, and loan with zero downpayment and lower interest rates. We do back our new solar installations with labor and part warranty, which gives you the confidence that your solar system will remain watertight and serve you for many years. Use our free solar savings calculator to determine your potential long-term savings, then call today to see if you’re a good candidate for solar.

Our Solar System Installation Process

RxSun certified solar experts follow a five-step process that goes like this:


We start by obtaining essential permits from your city to install your solar panels to trap the sun’s energy and HOA permits, if necessary.


RxSun sends a solar panel installation partner with residential solar energy systems expertise. The installers we work with are NABCEP certified contractors.


We schedule an electrical inspection of your solar system before you can turn it on. Our able solar panel installers will handle scheduling with city inspectors and perform adjustments for approval.


After the inspection is done, our solar installation team will notify your utility company to connect your new solar system to the grid.


Lastly, the solar installers will finish the application paperwork for your home’s net metering program and ensure you’re enrolled in the SREC incentive program to start saving with solar energy.

Why Hire Us for Solar Panel Installation in Homer Glen, IL

Join 100s of happy customers who rely on RxSun for their solar systems. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve energy efficiency and save solar energy. Here’s why you’d want to hire us for your next solar project:

NABCEP Certified Professionals

We have NABCEP certified designers and engineers, who uphold and adhere to industry regulations, standards, and benchmarks for quality, expertise, and service.

Comprehensive Solar Education

A solar consultant from RxSun will listen to you, explain what it means to go solar, and advise you on everything from function to design to financing. You’ll feel confident about your new solar system and understand how it works for you.

Quality Workmanship

We partner with a local solar installer with qualified and experienced technicians to ensure you get a custom-designed solar system that works for you.

Locally Owned & Operated

Our solar experts work and live in your community and collaborate with your utility company to ensure smooth panel installation and switch to solar energy. Your new solar system is designed and installed by technicians who know your neighborhood.

Worry-Free Warranty

All RxSun home solar power system installations come with a worry-free guarantee for your peace of mind. You get a 10-year labor warranty covering workmanship and a 20 – 25 year product warranty from the solar panel and components manufacturers.

Flexible Solar Financing

Going solar doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy the solar panels in full upfront, lease, or enter into a power purchase agreement. Choose from three financing options.

Detailed Solar System Quotes

Know upfront how much your solar project will cost. Your solar consultant will obtain the necessary information and create a custom proposal within two business days of a written solar estimate.

Ready to Install Solar Panels in Your Homer Glen Home? Contact RxSun Today!

If you live in Homer Glen, IL, and consider electricity generated by solar panels, take a bold step today. Your new solar system can lower the monthly utility expenses in the long term, which adds substantial savings over its lifetime. We can walk you through a renewable energy system and arrange solar financing to join the solar community. Unlike other solar companies, we have a strong reputation and work only with solar experts.

If you think your property will benefit from a solar system, call our NABCEP certified professionals at 800-607-9786 for a free estimate. We’ll give you a walk-through of the entire process from design to installation so you can save big and say goodbye to your monthly electricity bill.