Affordable, Reliable Solar Consultation in Hawthorn Woods, IL 

By: Chris Gersch

Power Your Home with a Modern Solar Energy System from the #1 Solar Company in Hawthorn Woods 

Have you considered installing solar panels in your home? Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, is a desirable place to live. It has lovely open spaces set among trees, parks, and lakes. Not to mention the beautiful weather.

The village is also a service area for RxSun. RxSun is all about assisting homeowners in upgrading to renewable solar energy. So we assess your home’s suitability and install an efficient solar power system for you. You don’t need any technical knowledge to enjoy the sun’s abundant power with us.

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Install Solar Panels in Your Hawthorn Woods Home to Unlock Abundant Benefits 

Solar power comes with an abundance of benefits. These include: 

Lower Electricity Usage 

The monetary value of solar is felt from the first day. That’s right; once you’re connected to the grid, you’ll start consuming less electricity, and your energy bills will be lower from the start.

Federal & Local Tax Rebates  

Did you know that when you file your taxes, you can claim up to a third of your installation costs as tax credits? When combined with state and local rebates, you can save even more. You are guaranteed to recoup your initial investment within a few years.

Control Over Your Power 

Your electricity is in your hands with a solar panel system. You have complete control over your energy and are not subject to sudden increases in electricity rates, power outages due to grid failure, or general electricity cost inflation.

Higher Property Values

Installing solar panels increases the value of a home by 4.1% on average. So, in addition to recouping your investment through tax breaks and lower bills, you can also recoup some of your investment by selling your home for a higher price.

Positive Impact on the Environment and Humanity 

Finally, when you promote renewable energy resources, you positively impact the environment. Using less electricity from your utility company reduces your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Installing a Durable Solar Panel System in Hawthorn Woods, IL

We believe in providing value to our customers. Among the characteristics that place us among the top solar panel companies in the country are:

Reliable Company with a Strong Foundation 

RxSun is one of the most reputable solar companies in Illinois, having completed over a thousand projects to date. As a player in the renewable energy sector, we want to help more homeowners go green and reduce their carbon footprint. Verde Solutions, our parent company, has been in the industry for several years and is recognized by relevant bodies.

Modern Solar Panels 

You can be confident that we will install cutting-edge solar technology in your home. We obtained modern solar panels as well as all the necessary equipment. Most importantly, we ensure that everything adheres to solar industry standards. Excellent performance and durability are assured.

Tried-and-Tested Solar Installers 

Our solar panel installers are highly skilled professionals. They are familiar with the entire process, from permit application to construction and installation. As a result, you can rest assured that your project and investment are in capable hands.

20-Year Durability Warranty 

Every solar panel we install in your home comes with a 20-year warranty. So, if it malfunctions or stops working properly on its own, we will gladly replace it for you at no additional cost. So sit back and enjoy the sun’s rays, knowing that your investment is secure.

Our Solar Installation Process 

So, how exactly will we install your solar panel system? Our procedure is quite detailed and includes the following steps:

  • Consultation for solar qualification & pricing 
  • Financing, which can be cash or other financing options
  • Installation and connection of your solar panel system 
  • Inspection by relevant authorities and powering on your system

Ready to Move to Renewable Energy? RxSun is Here to Make the Switch as Smooth as Possible 

Looking for an energy solution that conserves natural resources while saving you money? Installing solar panels is the best decision you can make. RxSun is one of the few solar panel companies that walk you through the entire process of installation so that you never have to worry about anything. 

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