Solar Panel Consultation Services in Grayslake, IL

By: Chris Gersch

We Make Installing Solar Panels Fast, Simple and Affordable

Energy costs tend to change rapidly, and, in most cases, that change is usually upwards. Today electricity is one of the highest recurring costs for household and non-household users. These rising expenses, coupled with traditional power’s impact on the environment, have led to greater attention and investment in solar energy. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and, most importantly, affordable. All the qualities you would want in a primary energy source.

If you live or own property in Grayslake, you should get in touch with RxSun, a leading solar panel installer in Illinois, to install an efficient system. We are highly skilled, reliable, and certified and guarantee you a high-quality system that will serve you for years to come.

Power Your Home or Commercial Property & Save Big

You already have electricity installed in your home or commercial building. So, why do you need to install solar panels first? A solar energy system comes with many benefits that make switching a worthy decision.

Cuts Down on Your Energy Bill

If you have been digging deep into your pockets to foot your monthly electricity bill, installing solar panels can significantly reduce your expenses. You start saving money when your home or business is connected to the grid.

Guarantees Continued Operations in the Event of a Blackout

Do blackouts affect your business operations? Hate having power interruption? Solar panels can help mitigate this, ensuring you have power throughout.

Contributes to the Green Movement

Electric power is one of the most significant environmental issues we face today. Switching to clean power sources is an excellent way to reduce your contribution to climate change.

Gives You Energy Independence

Installing solar panels makes you your boss. You do not depend on anyone else for your energy, and neither can you be cut off for bill payment issues.

Adds Value to Your Property

Solar panels are a big investment and one that will last for decades to come. By installing them, you automatically make your property more valuable.

Get Solar Installation Services in Grayslake, IL!

How do you enjoy these benefits of solar energy systems? RxSun is your go-to company for all things solar in and around Grayslake, IL. Our core services include:

  • Solar Qualification: We offer consultation services, whereby we do a home assessment to determine whether you qualify for solar installation. We also advise you on solar panel designs, solar panels cost, permits, legal compliance, and what to expect from the process.
  • Financing: We also guide our clients through the solar panel financing process. So, we have financial experts to walk with you whether you are footing the project out of pocket or want to explore loan or lease options.
  • Solar Panel Installation: Most importantly, we will handle your solar panel installation in Grayslake. This process includes designing your panels, constructing and installing them, and connecting you to the grid.

Why Pick RxSun to Install Your Home Solar Power System in Grayslake, IL

What makes us different from other solar panel installers in Grayslake? We are known for several benefits, some of which include:

Vast Experience

RxSun is a subsidiary of Verde Solutions, a company that has completed 1000+ residential, commercial, and industrial energy-efficient projects. Our years of experience give us an edge over newer solar panel companies in the area.

Best-in-the-Game Solar Panel Installers

We pride ourselves on providing excellent work. Our installers are well trained, vetted, and certified in solar panel installation. Quality guaranteed.

Industry-Recognized Company

RxSun, and its parent company, Verde Solutions, are recognized as experts in renewable energy. We are also affiliated with relevant bodies, including Solar Energy Industries Association and Illinois Solar Energy Association.

Commitment to Giving Back

We believe in making the world a better place. So, aside from offering energy-efficient solutions, we also give back to the community. A part of the profits from solar panels installed goes to helping end hunger in partnership with Feeding America.

Want to Save Money? Move to Clean Solar Energy with RxSun

Installing solar panels is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your home or business. RxSun is here to make switching to solar energy easy for you, wherever you are in Grayslake, IL. Call us at 800-607-9786 for a free consultation and assessment by our solar installers.