Professional Solar Consultation in Fort Myers, FL

By: Chris Gersch

Solar power is a convenient option if you’re looking for a better way to save money on energy bills. The cost of solar will be very low compared to the monthly electric bill you pay for electricity use in your house.

Rx Sun will help you achieve energy-efficient improvements and lower your electricity bills in your home through quality solar panel installation in Fort Myers, FL. We will enable you to understand why solar panels’ cost is low if you evaluate the numerous benefits you’ll get from using a solar energy system.

Our Solar Panel Installation Services In Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, Florida, has enough sunshine for homeowners to fully benefit from their investment in installing solar panels in their houses. Rx Sun offers full-service solar systems installation services to residential clients. We offer different types of solar installation services in homes, they include:

Solar Panels Installations On Rooftops

We will install a solar panel system on your rooftop irrespective of the roofing you have, whether metal, sheet, tile, shingle, or flat. We will use mounting methods to position your solar panel system to the required pitch angle (between 15 to 40 degrees) for better solar energy absorption.

Ground-mounted Solar Energy Systems

A ground-mounted solar panel system is a good option if you want to prevent roof penetration or you don’t have south-facing roofs. Ground-mounted solar panels may also be an excellent choice depending on your environment and preference. Whichever the reason, we will install your solar panels using this method within the agreed time.

Pre-construction Consultation And Coordination With Your Contractor

You may want to install a solar system before building your house. Rx Sun professionals are ready to provide consultation and coordination with your local contractors on several issues, including the amount of space to leave aside for solar power system installation.

Solar System Installation Process

Our certified solar panel experts in Fort Myers, FL, will guide you through every step of the process to ensure your home’s solar panel installation is straightforward and worry-free. Here’s what you can expect during the installation process:

  • Permitting
  • Inspection
  • Installation
  • Program
  • Interconnection
  • Applications

If you are ready to start saving energy with solar panels, contact us today at 800-607-9786.

Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels In Your Home

You’ll get several benefits from residential solar panel installation in Fort Myers, FL. These are the following:

Lower Electricity Bills

It is one of the most significant advantages you’ll get when purchasing solar panels in your home. You will no longer have to spend more money on your electric bills compared to your previous source of electricity connections.

Opportunity To Earn Money Through Net Metering

Net metering will allow you to get credits for the excess energy you will contribute to the power grid of a local utility company. This is a great way to get back some of your money to fund your solar installation costs.

Less Environmental Impact

Besides improved energy efficiency, solar renewable energy is better for the environment than other energy sources such as oil, coal, or natural gas, which releases harmful gases and other pollutants. You will feel great contributing to the green environment.

Earn Tax Credits And Rebates

The US government is promoting the use of solar energy by cutting 30% of the equipment and solar installation costs through a Federal Income Tax Credit as a result of filing taxes. You will cut the overall cost of setting up your solar installations by 50% when you add Solar Renewable Energy Credits and local and state rebates.

Increase Home Value

Installing solar panels on your property will increase your property’s value. Most homeowners will consider buying your property because of the extra benefits associated with solar energy.

Why Choose Our Solar Panel Installation Services In Fort Myers, FL

At Rx Sun, we are the leading local solar panel installers in Fort Myers, FL. Our professionals have the right experience and knowledge to provide long-lasting solar installation services.

Contact us today and let us help you enjoy the many benefits of using solar energy in your home. We will also advise you on how to maintain your solar equipment and panels properly.