Solar Panel Consultation in Barrington, IL

By: Chris Gersch

RxSun is a leading full-service solar installation company that assists Barrington homeowners in developing sustainable power solutions for their homes.

Here’s what homeowners thinking about installing solar panels should know.

Is Solar Panel Installation in Barrington, IL, Worth It?

One of the most common questions that Barrington residents have about alternative energy systems is whether solar panels are worthwhile. Solar panels are well worth the investment if your property receives enough sunlight.

Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to capture the sun’s energy, producing electricity that can be used right away or stored. Solar panel installation costs have also dropped dramatically in recent years, with many financing options available to Barrington, IL residents.

The monthly cost of solar panels is also less than what the average Chicago, IL, household pays in electricity bills to the local utility company. Furthermore, Illinois has excellent local solar incentives that make the switch a no-brainer.

Solar Incentives in Barrington, IL

Chicago, IL residents can benefit from solar incentives such as a federal tax credit that allows businesses and homeowners to deduct up to 26% of solar installation costs from their taxable income. Solar incentives are also provided to homeowners through the SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) program, which provides a monetary credit for every kilowatt-hour returned to the power grid.

The solar incentives offered by SREC are worth $80 per kilowatt hour. Furthermore, some electricity companies provide net metering, which allows businesses and homes in Barrington, IL to use solar panel electricity when needed while recharging the grid with excess solar power.

How Much Should Solar Panel Installation Cost in Barrington?

As previously stated, solar installation costs have decreased significantly in recent years. While solar panels were once prohibitively expensive for many Barrington, IL property owners, they are now affordable for people of all income levels.

Currently, the average solar panel cost in Barrington, IL ranges between $3 and $4 per watt, but costs are decreasing year after year. However, that depends on the following:

  • quality
  • size
  • number of solar panels installed

Each household’s solar power requirements vary. Even the solar installer you hire can have an impact on the price.

RxSun’s professional solar installers are experts in determining the best residential solar systems for your home and the best options for you. Our solar experts in Barrington, IL, will inform you of any tax breaks or rebates that may be available from the local utility company.

Why Hire RxSun to Install Your Solar Panel System?

Are you considering switching to solar energy systems in Barrington, IL? Here’s why RXSun is the full-service solar company to call:

Comprehensive solar education

Your technician will explain every aspect of your solar system, from the design to function and financing. We ensure you feel confident that you understand why you need solar and how it works.

Worry-free warranty

Every solar system installation handled by Rx Sun’s solar panel technicians comes with a worry-free warranty featuring:

  • 10-year labor guarantee
  • 20-25 years equipment warranty

NABCEP certified professionals

To ensure that our South Barrington clients get the best value, we only hire NABCEP-certified professionals that adhere to strict industry standards when handling your project.

Quality workmanship

We only work with locally based installation partners to ensure that your custom-designed solar system is installed by skilled technicians with years of experience.

Owned and operated locally

Our solar installation teams work and live in Illinois, so we have the necessary experience to work with your household’s electric utility to ensure a smooth installation. Our in-house solar energy experts are familiar with your area and design each custom solar panel system.

Responsive team

Our full service goes beyond the solar panels we provide. We understand that most homeowners are preoccupied with work, family, and everything else, which is why we help you at every stage of your project.

Response times should be within a day, and detailed quotes should be available within 48 hours.

Looking for Experienced Solar Panel Installers in Barrington, IL? We Are Here for You!

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We assist Barrington, IL residents in acquiring the best solar equipment and planning accordingly, based on their electric needs. Call 800-607-9786 to go green with solar energy today!