Solar Panel Consultation Services in Arlington Heights, IL

By: Chris Gersch

Solar power is an ideal alternative if you want the quickest way to save money on your energy bills. Installing solar panels has enabled homeowners to minimize their electricity or energy costs using solar technology, which is also a form of renewable energy. 

At Rx Sun, we will help you install a solar panel system in your home using our highly reliable expertise and experience.

We have a professional team of reliable and skilled technicians who will advise you on the best location or position to install solar panels in your home.

Our Solar Panel Services in Arlington Heights, IL

Solar Panel Construction Consultation

We will provide professional expertise as experts in solar panel systems and their installations. It will include:

  • Home assessment: This will help us to determine the best spot for your solar system installation. Also, we will tell you how many solar panels you need on your residential property. 
  • Design Decisions: We will provide you with the right design proposals based on your current electricity bill and other relevant information about your home. This will also include solar energy systems and equipment options.
  • Financing Options: We will guide you through the process of financing your solar panel installation project. We will help you get solar loans to finance your installation.

Installing Solar Panels On Rooftops

We are experts in installing rooftop solar panels on any type of roof in your home or property. For maximum solar energy absorption, we will install it at the proper pitch angle (between 15 and 40 degrees).

Ground-mounted Solar Energy System Installation

We can mount your residential solar panels on the ground depending on your landscaping environment or preference.

There are several reasons we may have to mount your solar power system from the ground, including a lack of south-facing roofs, a desire to avoid roof penetration, or a desire to conceal your solar panels for aesthetic reasons.

Our Solar Power Installation Process

RxSun employs a tried-and-true solar panel installation process that has assisted many homeowners in lowering their electricity bills and increasing energy efficiency. The procedure entails:

1. Permitting

We will assist you in obtaining permits, including HOA (Homeowners Association) and municipal permits.

2. Solar Panel Installation

Unlike other Arlington Heights, IL solar panel installation companies that can keep their clients waiting for up to 6 months to install their solar systems, Rx Sun experts can have your solar panels installed within 90 days.

3. Interconnection

We will work with your local utility company to complete the interconnection between the grid and your solar system.

4. Inspection

We will inspect your solar panel installation system with your city and make any necessary modifications before you begin using solar energy.

5. Program Application  

After the solar installation is complete, Rx Sun will enroll your home’s solar system in the net metering program with your utility company. In addition, through the SREC incentive program, we will submit your solar system to your local solar incentives.

Benefits Of Using Our Solar System Installation Services

There are various benefits you will get for using the services of our solar panel installation company; they include;

Lower Energy Costs

You’ll spend less money using solar power than your previous energy source. This is because you’ll depend more on the sun as your source of electricity.

Less Environment Impact

In comparison to other sources that emit pollutants like gases, such as coal or oil, the solar installation will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and promote a green environment in your community.

Increase Home Value

Having installed solar panels will increase your property value and easily convince buyers because of the other numerous benefits.

Earn Tax Credits And Solar Rebates

To encourage the use of solar power, the US government offers a Federal Income Tax Credit that reduces 30% of solar and equipment installation costs when you file your taxes. By combining Solar Renewable Energy Credits with state and local rebates, you can reduce your costs by up to 50%.

Contact Our Best Solar Installation Company in Arlington Heights, IL

Our solar installation services in Arlington Heights, IL, at RxSun, are exceptional and of high quality. We have skilled professionals and technicians on staff who will provide long-term solar energy solutions. Furthermore, our services are inexpensive and free of hidden fees.

Contact us today and allow us to provide you with solar energy consulting and installation services for your home. You will also receive the best solar equipment for your residential property.