Busting 7 Common Myths About Solar Installation Companies

May 27, 2023

By: Chris Gersch

Green energy is a fantastic alternative, as the energy crisis continues to play a role in climate change, pollution, and more frequent power outages globally. With all the benefits, solar energy remains a hotly-debated topic among homeowners and businesses. You may even have followed one or two of the conspiracies people have posted regarding an energy choice or solar installation company.

However, solar energy has advanced rapidly in the past decade, and technology continues to improve. So, is making the switch to sustainable energy worth it?

In this post, RxSun’s solar panel installation experts debunk seven common myths about this renewable energy source. They also share some insight into how solar installation companies work to make the transition process easier.

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Myth #1 Solar Panel Installation Companies Charge Too Much

Many still believe that solar installation is only a nice side project for the wealthy. It may have had a nugget of truth ten to fifteen years ago, but solar technology has increased since then. Will the installation costs you pay after hiring a solar panel company be worth the result?

Today’s prices for solar panels are accessible to everyone, especially with great benefits like the United States government offering a 30% tax credit for installing solar PV systems. The cost has also fallen drastically due to improvements and higher demand. You can expect your new solar panels to pay for themselves through electrical bill savings within five to ten years.

Myth #2 Solar Panels Don’t Come with a Warranty

Solar panels often have a warranty, depending on the manufacturer and the installation company. And understanding solar warranties helps you maximize your investment. Here are some examples of the standard solar panel warranties you might come across:

  • Performance guarantee. Solar panels lose efficiency as they age, though the average lifespan of solar panels is still 25 to 30 years. So, some manufacturers offer a warranty on panels that function at less than 80% efficiency after 25 years of use.
  • Equipment and inverter warranties. Manufacturers offer warranties on the equipment (the panel and the inverter, which converts light into usable electricity). Solar panels normally come with a 10 to 12-year warranty. And inverters tend to carry a 5 to 15-year warranty.
  • Labor. Solar installation companies might offer warranties on labor. For example, you could get 3 to 10 years of coverage in case of a malfunction related to installation.

Myth #3 Residential Solar Panel Installation Damages Roofs

Residential solar panel installation is unlikely to damage your roof in the hands of a licensed professional like RxSun. Before solar power installation, the technicians begin by checking that your current roof is strong enough and new enough to sustain the weight of panels. 

Your solar installation company will have to drill holes to lay the panels, but they use a special waterproof sealant to fill the cracks as they go so that the work does not lead to any water damage. Solar panels provide better protection for asphalt shingle roofs by providing an extra barrier against severe weather.

Myth #4 Solar Panels Don’t Work on Cloudy or Cold Days

Even though you can’t see it, the sun’s rays still reach us on cloudy days. Solar panels still convert this sunlight into energy, rain or shine. It may be less on a cloudy day than on a bright, sunny day, but solar panels still function at a high capacity in cold and cloudy conditions.

Heat can interfere with efficiency due to heightened electron activity. This means less efficiency in converting electricity from sunlight (solar panels convert light, not heat). So, cold but sunny days are ideal.

Myth #5 Solar Installation Companies Want You to Go Off the Grid

You can install a self-sustaining solar power system. However, most modern circuits do far better when they still connect to the power grid. One reason is that these grid-tied solar power systems allow you to collect solar energy during the day and use grid electricity at night when the sun doesn’t shine. 

If your solar panels produce excess electricity, they will not go to waste. Unlike off-the-grid systems that store excess power in a backup unit, grid-tied systems will transfer the excess power to the grid and your power company, rewarding you with net metering credits. As a benefit, you’ll only need to pay for power if the panels haven’t produced sufficient energy to cover your electrical use at night.

Myth #6 Solar Power Is Inefficient

According to the United States Department of Energy, high temperatures, reflection, and infrared light will make solar panels less efficient. Plus, panels only use two of the six types of light the sun produces (visible and UV spectrum light). So, they are not 100% effective at harnessing the sun’s energy to convert it into electricity.

Solar panels are still effective at converting light into electricity and may easily exceed your energy requirements. Despite this inefficiency, any reputable solar installation company can attest that the sun is still an incredibly powerful energy source. The solar panel may not harness the sun’s energy at its full capacity, but the sun’s power cancels out any inefficiency.

Myth #7 You Lose Excess Solar Energy

Net metering ensures you don’t lose one power unit from your new solar panels. If you’re on the grid but using solar power, local power companies only charge for the net amount of energy (what you’ll use from them if your solar panels don’t produce enough). So, when your solar panels overproduce energy, you earn credits that discount your energy bill and rollover. 

After using solar energy for some time, you might even receive energy bills that show negative balances (the power company owes you!).

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